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Best Family Law Expert- Consultation on Management of Personal Estates & Preparation of Wills and Codicils

  • We offer legal advice on the management of Personal Estates.
  • We explain to our clients the options they have in managing their Assets in the event of their death.
  • In the event that there is no Will, then their property will be distributed intestate which means that their beneficiaries will appoint an Administrator who will oversee the management of their estate which includes, paying of their funeral expenses, liabilities and distributing their property to their beneficiaries.
  • In the event that the client opts for a Will, we prepare Wills and offer advice on what constitutes a valid will and their options in distributing their assets.
  • We also provide safe keeping of the Wills and any subsequent codicils and ensure that upon a client’s demise the same is transmitted to Consultation on Management of Personal Estates & Preparation of Wills and Codicils their beneficiaries.

Law Of Succession

  • Entails distribution of a Deceased person’s property.


  • Entails dissolution of Marriage.

Division of Matrimonial Property

  • Entails upholding the rights of couples with regard to property acquired during the existence of their marriage once their marriage is dissolved.

Children Lw

  • Entails upholding the children’s rights of custody, access, visitation rights and maintenance by their parents.

    The firm offers legal representation and support in the aforementioned matters and ensures that the rights of our clients are upheld at all times and Justice is served.

    We offer quality and efficient legal services to all our clients that are tailored to suit their needs.

    It will be our pleasure of have you as one of our clients. Kindly feel free to contact us

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